About Us

barb.jpgChris Clark and Barb Chapman run approximately 90 head of Dexter cattle (80% Pure Breed) on their Dexter Stud 'Curroo'.

We have a vision for dexter.com.au to be an information website with input and help from you, we can make this one of the most informative websites about Dexter Cattle in Australia.

In early 2008 we had the opportunity to purchase the domain name from Mark and Debbie Quinn and are now in the development throes of getting the site underway.

Barb and I have been breeding Dexters for a few short years (4), initially we purchased a small herd of eleven (11) Dexters and began to show our cattle, which we found very rewarding. We've attended local shows and Dexter Breed and 'feature' shows in NSW and QLD and are very proud of the ribbons our wonderful Dexter cattle have won.

We have also been part of the North (NSW) Dexter Group since joining, where we've found friendship and assistance and look forward to incorporation of some group information on the site.

Overall I've found the information on Dexter cattle 'falls very short' and we hope with this website, the participation by other breeders and inclusion of referenced material that we can change the image of 'The Beefy Little Milker'. To this end at 'Curroo' we've been working hard to make a change to how Dexter Beef is accepted in the commercial market. 'Curroos' Commercial arm 'North Coast Dexter Meat Market' launches on 31 May 2008 and brings 'Paddock to Plate' together.

We love our Dexters and our aim is that our Dexters can support 'Curroo' and us. With this in mind dexter.com.au will aim to give information to help other breeders wanting to do the same thing.

Page last updated: 16 Mar 2009