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Why Curroo Dexter Beef

butcher.jpgCurroo Beef is committed to producing the best and healthy beef for you.

Curroo Dexter beef is raised from 'stress free' stock out in the paddock with good shade and good clean water and finished off with a grain supplement that we mix on our farm so we know what is in the beef we sell.

At Curroo our steers are reared on their mothers in paddocks and calves are fed some supplement to help them along, we try to wean calves at about 7 to 8 months.

The calves are weaned in a yard with feed for about 2 weeks and back to a paddock with grass and supplement.

Depending on the type of steers it may take 18 to 24 months to be ready for slaughter, we finish our steers on grass and grain for about 3 months pry to slaughter. We take our steers in pairs to Casino Abattoir as close to the time, as we can, of them being killed, to bring the stress down as much as possible and to make the beef better.

At Curroo we do not use hormones or growth promoters or animal or fishmeal based feedstuffs in rations whatsoever or any medicated feedstuffs in feed ration.

Because we bring very few animals to our farm and we kept our animals healthy that means we don't need to drench or spray our animals as much, may be one drench a year, and if we do have to treat it will have a 'nil withholding period drench or spray' giving you the healthiest beef possible.

Dexter cattle are are dual purpose animals - beef and milk - so the calves grow well giving you lean tender tasty beef that melts in your mouth. Curroo tries to grow our steers to 260 to 300 kgs live weight giving you a side hanging in the butcher shop between 65 to 75 kgs. The body’s come back to my butcher and he cuts it up to your liking and it is delivered to you packed ready for your freezer. Curroo’s cattle are reared naturally we mix most of the feed ourselves so Curroo animals are allowed to grow naturally.

You may visit Curroo for a look any time.

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Photo: Gary Cork – Bowraville Country Butchery - with a tray of steak from SSS, Winner 10 October 2007

1st prize ribbon.jpg
 SSS Winner 2007 Dexter
Expo Carcass


What the Judge had to say

Body 2    108.5kg    Male Yearling    3mm Rump Fat    D Butt Shape
Comments: This was the pick of the cattle as far as retailing goes. The meat colour and muscle confirmation as well as showing subtle marbling through the loin muscle show good background breeding and a good level of nutrition at time of slaughter. 80/100

Photo: First prize ribbon.

What the Butcher had to say

Carcass    108.5 - Chris and Barb, this beast came in at 108.5kg it has

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