Dual Purpose Dexter Cattle - Milk/Meat


A Dexter cow average milk production is around 10 litres per day. This allows the cow to easily raise two healthy calves or to produce sufficient milk for a family. 

Dexter milk has smaller fat globules, which some claim that it's easier to digest than other cows milk. It is high in butterfat (4%) and similar to Jersey milk, this makes it wonderful milk for the home cheesemaker.


farm.jpgThe beef produced is of excellent quality with a high bone-out percentage, providing more yield than can be seen at first glance, with their meat being tender and tasty. Dexter's breed at an early age and are long lived so they have an advantage over other breeds (both small and large) in that they become fertile at an earlier age and at a lower live weight. 

Cows generally continue to breed for 14 to 15 years and have been known to reproduce up to 20 years of age. Simply put, this means more calves per cow lifetime and an ability to breed more easily under difficult environmental conditions. Dexter bulls, put with large breeds of cattle, will reduce the size of calves, taking the stress out of heifer pregnancies and births.

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Page last updated: 16 Mar 2009