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North Coast Dexter Group was formed over 20 years ago to promote Dexter Cattle in particular in the north east area of NSW.

Dexter cattle owners are a big happy family who just love Dexters, having fun and sharing their knowledge with others. This group is very active and covers an area from Macksville in south to Dorrigo in west and to the Tweed in north.

This group has four meetings a year at a nominated stud throughout this area where it enjoys great friendship, food, looking at cattle, the studs and planning its next promotion.

Dexter cattle are unique. They can be used for transport, beef and milk, making cheese, lawn mowers or just the most loveable pet.

North Coast Group has hosted many events over the years. Field and training days, Dexter Expos, cattle and displays at Pro Ag many times, two Dexter breed shows (dubbed the friendly shows) and Primex the biggest promotion, three days of full on Dexters, selling Dexter beef, and the famous Dexter Pie,  live Dexter displays and information.

Begin your journey with Dexters by visiting a local breeder. It is the best way to start where you will get sound advice. Whilst a breeder may like to sell you stock, a good Dexter breeder wants you to buy cattle most suited to you and your needs and so may recommend another breeder.

For more information on the best lifestyle cattle visit

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Please Note!

North Coast Group would like to invite all past North Coast Group members to attened the Dinner as this group has been going almost twenty years we have lost contact with some of you. If you are or you know some one please contact.

Marion Watts Phone : 0265648897 email :



Macksville Show Ground Saturday / Sunday 17th - 18th October 2015.

Greetings from the North Coast Dexter Promotion Group!

Manning Dexter Promotion Group has come on board to help make the EXPO the best ever

Be Part Of Cattle Handling At Expo

It is open to all,you just need to bring your self and have a great time with a keen lot of cattle people to help you.

To book Call Chris on 0266493718

or email :

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Greetings from the North Coast Dexter Promotion Group!

After some years of working within larger events such as Primex at Casino, we are currently in the planning and promotion phases for a solely Dexter Expo which we propose for the 17th and 18th October 2015, at Macksville Showgrounds.
We want to give people as wide a view of the many advantages of Dexter's as we can, and some of the planned activities to date are:
• Expo opened by Mayor of Nambucca
• Junior Paraders, Handlers & Judging
• DCAI AGM and workshop have your say
• Lots of information on Dexter's
• Cutting up a carcass by a local butcher and free tasting

                                                                                                                     DSCF0186.JPG DSCF0202.JPG           

• Milking a cow

DSCF0143.JPG  Cheese Making at 2007 Expo

• Cheese-making demonstration with books and equipment for sale
• A Cattle sale for stud and commercial Dexter's

• Breed dinner on the Saturday night at show ground, byo drinks (with an excellent guest speaker with overseas experience) who owned and showed stud cattle, loved opportunity to led          Dexter's, helping out at many Dexter events.
• Possibly some other bush/leather-related crafts - whip-making for instance?
• Bush Poetry for some other interest-creators?
   The Dinner on Saturday night will be Dexter beef and the guest speaker has people wanting to come so book early as numbers are limited.
   Pre Dinner Drinks and nibbles
   Cost of Dinner $30.00 per head BYO drinks
   Our Promotion Group is only small and the expo is an opportunity to give Dexter's great exposure, Manning has come on board to help make the EXPO THE BEST
   Any thoughts you have that could add to the activities list and bring to this event would be very much appreciated.
   The group invites any group to put up a display and help put the interest back in the Dexter breed and it would be great if we knew you may coming
   We'll help as much as possible with accommodation etc., and for those who would prefer camping or motel style accommodation there's plenty of that too.
   In the meantime if you want to talk more with us about the Expo, contacts are:
• Chris Clark: 02 66493718 email:
• Marion & Bryan Watts: 02 65648897
• June & Kevin Owens 02 65647802
• Kaye and Michael Clarke 0400 240 714/0456 109 246/02 66550202

         Yours Sincerely
         Chris Clark
         North Coast Dexter Promotion Group


Profile guest speaker

My name is Jordan Hoban and I am currently employed as a Meat Science Technical Officer for the NSW Department of Primary Industries. I am currently working on the Sheep CRC (Cooperative Research Centres), and my focus is quality measurement technologies and determining new cuts for larger lambs. I recently completed my Bachelor of Animal Science (Honours) at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.

I first found an interest in cattle when I was a little girl growing up on a property that produces Santa Gertrudis Hereford Cross commercial cattle. From checking cows to hand raising calves I loved it all. When I was 11 I was offered the chance to lead a little Poll Hereford Bull in the local Macksville ProAg and from there I didn't look back. Preparing and showing cattle became my passion and my love of the industry grew. I showed for a local Poll Hereford Stud while also lending a helping hand to anyone who needed it. I showed Santa Gertrudis, Lowliners, Highlanders, Charolais. Brahmans, Devon, Galloways, Poll Herefords and of course the "Beefy Little Milkers, Dexters.
I remember leading Dexters with Mr and Mrs Watts , attending a Dexter Field Day at their property and the Dexter Expo held at the Macksville Showground. Leading at shows taught me invaluable skills, not only in handling and judging animals, but organisational skills, public speaking and patience - a lot of patience.

Cattle shows became an opportunity to learn. I always found that cattle people at the shows were always happy to help and pass on their knowledge. While my school friends went to the movies or the beach I couldn't wait to get into the cattle yards and shows and attending cattle functions were the highlight of my year. I was even lucky enough to do an Artificial Insemination and Pregnancy Testing Course when I was 15.

When I finished school I enrolled in an Animal Science Degree at Charles Sturt University. It was a long way from home and a culture and climate shock after living on the coast but I loved the opportunity to learn more about the production animal industry. After four years of intensive study I was bursting at the seams to get into the industry and use and expand on my knowledge in a practical environment. I have held a lifelong passion for the livestock industry and my career goal has always been employment in the industry where I can directly contribute to improving the genetics, yield and quality of production animals and the quality of products coming from them.

My Honours project (thesis) was in the area of sheepmeat quality measurement and involved:
• the collection of meat samples and data from an abattoir
• the preparation of samples and assistance in running samples through a Synchrotron
• lab work involving Warner Bratzler Shearforce testing, particle size analysis and sarcomere length testing
• image analysis of Synchrotron scattering patterns.
• this process has involved lab work, field work and recording and reporting findings.

In 2012 I won a place on the ICMJ Australian Meat judging team that competed in the United States the following year. In 2013 I coached a highly successful ICMJ team, in 2014 won the National Merino Challenge and most recently presented the outcomes of my honours project to the Charles Sturt University HDR and Honours Symposium.

I love my job as I get to travel and meet new people, as well as gain knowledge and ideas from others within the livestock industry. My work gives me variety and my time is spread between being in the field and abattoirs and hands on, in a lab doing research and behind a desk writing up reports and findings. My only frustration is that most of my work is currently with sheep and sheep meat because of the quicker research results but my real passion has always been beef cattle.

Tertiary: Bachelor of Animal Science (Hons), Charles Sturt University (Graduated 2014)
Achievements: Publication of 1 Page Paper in Animal Production Australia for the Joint ISNH / ISRP International Conference 2014
National Merino Challenge Tertiary Individual Champion 2014
National Merino Challenge Tertiary Champion Team member 2014
Rennylea "Future in Beef" Scholarship 2013
Intercollegiate Meat Judging (ICMJ) 2013 CSU Team Coach
ICMJ Australian Team Member 2013
Animal Science Association Secretary 2013
ICMJ Top 5 2012
Animal Science Association Year Representative 2012

Secondary: 2010 Higher School Certificate, Nambucca Heads High School
Achievements: Nambucca Heads High School Vice Captain 2010
Lions Youth of the Year; Club, Regional, District & Public Speaking Winner, 2010
National Youth Science Forum Participant, January 2010
Lions Youth of the Year, Club and Regional Winner, Public Speaking Winner, 2009
Lions Ray Stubbs Memorial Scholarship, 2009
Dr Harry Messel's International Science School Participant, July 2009

Member of Cowra Show Society/ Junior Judging Steward 2015
Blood/Plasma Donor 2010-current
Relay For life 2011-2013
Relay for Life Team Captain 2013
Wagga Paws Walk Participant 2013

Employer: NSW Department of Primary Industries/ Sheep CRC
Position: Meat Science Technical Officer
Employment Term: October 2014 - Current

Employer: Charles Sturt University
Position: Research Assistant (Casual Sheep Trial Work while still a student)
Employment Term: October 2013 - September 2014

Employer: Woolworths
Position: Deli Assistant and Checkout Operator (Casual)
Employment Term: October 2007 - January 2015 (To assist in funding my education)

Employer: Mayd-well Poll Hereford Cattle Stud, Valla NSW
Position: Show Team Leader
Employment Term: October 2003 - February 2010

Employer: Hutt's Cattle Services
Position: Show Team (Cattle Fitter)
Employment Term: February 2010 - April 2011

Professor Peter Wynn
School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
Ph: (02) 6933 2938

Mrs Lucinda Corrigan
Rennylea Angus Stud
Ph: (02) 6020 2032
Mobile: 0409 038993

Miss Jennifer Barnett
Head Teacher - Science
Nambucca Heads High School
Ph: (02) 6568 6777


Profile Judges

Sophie's Personal Profile

My name is Sophie Pla, I am currently 20 years old and have been breeding and Showing Dexter cattle and led steers with my family for 10 years now. I have also been judging at numerous agricultural shows for 4 years and have just started up my own cattle fitting business called Topline Fitting Service. I have attended the University of QLD and currently hold a Certificate 2, 3 and 4 in Agriculture as well as Certificate 1 in Rural Operations. I hold passion and great respect for the Agriculture industry especially for one of its largest contributors the cattle industry. I find that the Dexter is such a unique breed of cattle which has helped me gain the knowledge I have today for all breeds of cattle both beef and dairy, there are very few breeds of cattle in the world that hold the Dual purpose trait and that fascinates me.

Maddison's Personal Profile

My name is Maddison Pla, and I am fourteen years old. When I was four, my family and I moved out to a property with acreage. My Parents bought two Dexter heifers, and since then I have grown up with cattle, learning more about Dexter's and other cattle breeds. Our herd has grown, as well as my everlasting passion for cattle; Dexter's in particular. My family and I have been showing and preparing our Dexter's since I was four years old, and I regularly participate in junior parader's and young judge's competitions. I began associate judging late last year, which has increased my experience, knowledge and understanding in a range of cattle breeds. I hope to become a skilful judge like my sister Sophie.





Next Meeting Expo planning

Saturday 30th May Bowraville

more to come call Chris 02 66493718 or email:




Field Day at Tower View Stud.


Lynda Smith talking Colours

Genes & Colours
• Dexter cattle occur in three distinct colours: black, red, and dun. Two pairs of genes that are located on separate chromosomes control these colours.
• Black and red is one pair of alternative colours. In Dexter cattle, there are two different red genes. The two red genes are alternatives to each other, and they are not visually distinguishable. However, they are distinguishable by a DNA test. Both red genes are recessive to their black alternative. This means that every red Dexter contains two red genes, one inherited from its sire and one inherited from its dam.
• Black and dun is another pair of alternative colours. The dun colour in Dexters is due to a brown mutation, and it is recessive to its black alternative. This means that every dun Dexter contains two dun genes, one inherited from its sire and one inherited from its dam.
• Two black Dexters can produce black, red, or dun calves. In order for two black parents to produce a red calf, each parent must carry a hidden red gene. In order for two black parents to produce a dun calf, each parent must carry a hidden dun gene.
• In Dexter cattle red is the only colour that breeds true. Two red Dexters can produce only red calves even if each parent carries a hidden dun gene. A Dexter that contains two red genes and two dun genes is red in appearance.
• If a red Dexter that has two dun genes is crossed with a dun Dexter that does not carry a red gene, the result will be a dun calf. Each dun calf resulting from this cross will carry a hidden red gene.

• Two dun Dexters can produce dun or red calves. In order for two dun parents to produce a red calf, each parent must

carry a hidden red gene. Every red calf that is produced by two dun parents will have two dun genes.
• When a red Dexter that does not carry a dun gene is crossed with a dun Dexter that does not carry a red gene, the result will be a black calf. Each black calf resulting from this cross will carry a hidden red gene and a hidden dun gene.
• A coloured Dexter calf must be red if its sire or dam is known not to carry dun. Conversely, a coloured Dexter calf must be dun if its sire or dam is known not to carry red.
• Additional genes, independent of the genes for the basic colours, may be present in an animal's genotype and may modify the appearance of the animal. Such genes include but are not limited to those which are responsible for brindling, black noses in reds, black shading in reds, and the shade of colour of reds and duns. Modifier genes do not alter the principles contained in the preceding nine concepts.

Dexter Beef Pies


gunta and marg.JPG

    Marg and Guenter getting pies ready

    for tasting


cunky pie.JPG

    Dexter Beef Pies.







By Lynda Smith
27th May 2011

Could Dexter Beef be the next
"Flavour of the Month"?

As the awards and praises continue for Dexter Cattle, one must ask could this prized beef soon become the "flavour of the month".

Only last week at Bendigo Beef Week, Ian & Rose Dean of Tarali Lodge, Victoria were awarded reserved champion for their pure bred Dexter steer in the Unled Carcase on the Hoof Class (from 52 entries). The steer also had the second highest score (4 out of max 5) for marbling out of 86 animals and maximum points (15) for rib eye area, with his EMA 72.

Across the Tasman Sea, the prestigious Beef & Lamb New Zealand 2011 Steak of Origin Challenge with 400 competitors, saw a Dexter/Friesian X take out 4th place in the Best of Breed - Crossbreed & Other Class.

The breed continues to talk up a storm. Originating from Ireland, this ancient breed has come back from the brink of extinction to be one of the most desirable breeds around the world today and proving to be a breed for the future with their qualities far surpassing their nearest rivals.

At around half the size of a Hereford, the Dexter is the smallest, naturally occurring of all British breeds of cattle.
They are light on the environment and are a dual purpose cattle commonly referred to as beefy little milkers.

Leading restaurants throughout Britain now sing the praises of Dexter beef following much publicity from internationally acclaimed TV programmes such as The Great British Menu with the proof being in the cuts. They have the same number of muscles as large breeds like Angus, but small graining making the meat tender and flavoursome, with a high yield as well as being high in omega 3's.

Even a City Council in the UK has got on board with Dexter Cattle. Bristol City Council is currently acquiring the historic 270 acre Stoke Park on the outskirts of the city where it plans to keep an organic herd of Dexters, supplying the local market, including schools as well as serving as an education resource. This is part of a healthy and environmentally sustainable initiative of the Council.

In Australia demand is far outweighing supply.

Local beef producer, Allan Berry from Doubtful Creek via Casino is a second generation Hereford cattle farmer who has been also breeding Dexter cattle for several years. "I just can't keep up with the demand," said Allan. Allan and his wife Yvonne found that they could run two Dexters to one Hereford sustainably and so instead of purchasing more land, they introduced Dexters. They are currently working towards breeding Red Polled Dexters.

Although the street parade of Casino Beef Week is no longer graced by the once renowned bullocky, the late Jack Axford with his Dexter bullock team, the memory still lives on.

Anyone wanting to see more of Dexter Cattle can find them on display at this year's Primex, June 16, 17 & 18 Casino, Northern NSW where plenty of information will be on hand.

happy and full of dexter beef.JPGcooking with dexter beef.JPG

Eating Dexter beef at Primex     Dexter beef used in cooking demonstration at Primex

curroo 2009.JPGthat good.JPG

Dexter cattle on display at Primex          June taking a break enjoying a Dexter Steak

cattle display.JPG

part of team.JPG

Display Primex 2009 Part of the Team

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